Carnbrooke Meats


Welcome to Carnbrooke Meats

Carnbrooke Meats is bourne out of Quality, Passion and Experience. We are passionate about Quality Local Products, the sort we have been growing in Northern Ireland for centuries. We source traditional breeds directly from small farmers to supply into our customers - the best in Northern Ireland’s growing Hospitality Industry.

Once we have the products here our experience in butchery truly shows. Our team of Master Butchers cut every order to each customers exact specification. Unlike many of our competitors we have a purpose built Dry Aging Chamber on site so all our beef is aged as required by the individual customer.

Our Pork, Lamb and Poultry too comes from local Farmers.

This combination gives our customers top end products with a story. They are proud to stock our products and we are proud of the quality with which we supply them.

We hope you enjoy them..... you will certainly taste the difference